Professional & Career Coaching

Hill & Associates' Coaches believe that people are great and have much more potential than they realize or utilize. Most people are searching for what they really want. With a Coach, you can get what you want faster and easier.

What is Coaching & What can it do for you?

Coaching is a new profession focused on...

What Happens when you Hire a Coach?

How is Coaching Different from...


Sports Coaching?

A Best Friend?

Does the Coach Work on Personal Goals, or Only Professinal Goals?

Why Would Someone Who is Successful Need a Coach?

What is the Coaching Routine?

1. Check your Coachability Index: Coachability is critical, success depends on it! Find out how coachable you are right now with our Coachability Quiz .

2. Getting to know you: You begin the “Getting to Know You” process with your Coach which includes establishing goals and objectives .

3. Scheduled Meetings: You will talk with your Coach typically four times a month; 30 minutes each session. It is your responsibility to call you Coach at the designated appointment time.

4. Weekly Goal Setting: You will be oriented to the weekly goal setting and meeting agenda.

5. Make your Dreams Come True: From this point on, it is exciting, comforting, purpose-driven and things begin to happen! This is “Your Life” and the Coach is there to help you make your dreams come true!

Are Your Ready for a Change?

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