Coachability Quiz

"Discover how coachable you are right now!"

1. I can be relied upon to be on time for all calls and appointments.

2. This is the right time for me to accept coaching.

3. I am fully willing to do the work and let the coach do the coaching.

4. I keep my word without struggling or sabotaging.

5. I'll give the coach the benefit of the doubt and "try on" new concepts or different ways of doing things.

6. I will speak straight (tell the whole truth) to the coach.

7. If I feel that I am not getting what I need or expect from the coach, I will share this as soon as I sense it and demand that I get what I want and need from the relationship.

8. I am willing to stop or change the self-defeating behaviors which limit my success.

9. I have adequate funds to pay for coaching and will not regret or suffer about the fee. I see coaching as a worthwhile investment in my life.

10. I am someone who can share the credit for my success with the coach.


Scoring Key

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