Design your Career Focus Program

Some people have referred to the Career Focus program as a "Rabbit in the Hat." It seems like magic when you identify what you want to do with the rest of your life. All these programs are conducted through one-on-one counseling via telephone or at our Florida location* .

* Special programs can be contracted at your location.

Select the Program that Fits You!!

Executive Challenge

The Executive Challenge Program focuses top-level professionals on both personal and professional future goals and objectives.  Let's get started  

"Moving Up" -  Fast Track Employees

"Moving Up" is focused on agressive professionals who want to catipult their career to the top of their industry in the shortest possible time. Let's get started  

Career Re-Focus

Career Re-Focus is geared towards those professionals who are burned-out, fed-up, or just ready for a change.  Let's get started  

Career Launch

Career Launch targets a specific career plan after college. It clears the cobwebs and provides purpose for life. Let's get started  

Future Focus - High School Students

Future Focus helps High School students identify their career goals and supports them in preparing college applications. Let's get started  

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