Employment Coaching

Hill & Associates believes that employees are great and have much more potential than they realize or utilize. Attitude is everything. Whether an employee is a manager, supervisor or team player, being coached will result in greater results in a shorter period of time.

Who Needs Coaching?

Check off any of the situations below which face your department/company:

A company member who is technically proficient, but can't seem to get along with others.
A company member who is technically proficient, but can't seem to meet deadlines or commitments.
A company member who has been excellent until he/she was promoted to management, and, now can't seem to get things done.
A company member who is resistent to change.
A company member who could benefit from learning new strategies and have a supportive sounding board.
A corporate team that could use support in meeting project deadlines/objectives.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above or have other frustrations, a coach would make a major difference! Coaching is focused on "Results!"

What is Coaching & What can it do for your company?

For more information on corporate coaching, contact Hill & Associates and a Corporate Consultant will contact you.

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