Career Focus

"This is the best career prep package I have ever seen!" Mark F.

Job Attack Power - Goals

Check off the points you would like to achieve by completing the sentence...

I want to...

Stand heads above the competition.
Work the Hidden Job Market.
Have The Career I want.
Gain Job Security: Learn how to be as indispensable as possible in this day and age.
Get Noticed and Promoted.
Be Happy with Who I am .
Know Where I Want to Be and How to Get There!
Be a Master Networker.
Have a Job Attack Power Plan for Life that is...

Have On-going Career Coaching Resources when I need them.

If you have checked any of the above...

Job Attack is for You!

Whether you are employed, underemployed, or unemployed, you should have the skills and plan to achieve your career goals. You don't want to wake up one day and say:

You should always be prepared!

Let Hill & Associates assist you in achieving your career goals. From resume to on-going career strategies and coaching, you will have the cutting edge tools to ...

Design your Career Focus Program.

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