Let Hill & Associates be your Human Resource Partner!

Hill & Associates are Human Resource Partners, serving corporate and individual needs.

Where it all started... February 1990... After returning from working 14 years in Saudi Arabia, Beverly Hill reentered the US market through combining her international experiences with organizational consulting and career coaching. These JOB ATTACK POWER programs were so successful that they have grown into quite an array of success stories.

What does Hill & Associates offer you?

  • Customized Training
  • Outplacement
  • Employee Counseling
  • Career Pathing
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Seminars

With What Industries Has Hill & Associates has worked?

  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Entertainment

What Can Hill & Associates Do For You?

What Makes Hill & Associates Different?

The thing that would interest you most about our services is that we design a program specifically to meet your company's needs - that's why all of our programs are a success! The tools we offer can be compared to "fishing lessons". We provide each participant with the techniques so that the participant and the company gets results.

How Can I Learn More?

Please place a check mark next to the areas in which you would like to have more information. A consultant will contact you to discuss your needs.

  Support Services/Seminars/Training
  Customized Training
  Career Pathing
  Change Management
 Employee Counseling
 Employee Coaching
 Leadership Development
 Organizational Consulting
  Diversity in the Workplace
 Customer Relations
 Cross Cultural Communications
  Personalities & Politics in the Workplace
 Increasing Personal Effectiveness
  Be Your Own Person: Assertiveness Training
  Stress Management
 Time Management
  Interpersonal Relations
  Long-Range Goal Planning
 Complaint Handling
  Oral/Written Communications
 Creative Brainstorming
 Image Marketing
 Selling for Results
 Decision Making Made Easy
  More Productive Meetings
  Website Development
  You define the need, we'll develop the program!

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